Sunday, April 20, 2014
Reaching the lost at any cost!



    Rev. Mack Tester
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 In 1997, Mack received the call to preach the Gospel after being born again in 1995.
 He pastored two churches prior to Pope Drive Baptist Church.  He married Lisa
 in 1989 and in December 2007 received the wonderful news, out of the blue, that
 they would be adopting a beautiful little boy (7 wks old).  Mack says, "The desire of
 my heart is to hear and obey, to present Biblical truth to others, and to see others
 come to a personal relationship to Christ."
    Rev. Ray Pruitt
    Assoc. Pastor / Children's Ministry
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 I became a Christian at the age of 21 and shortly following my conversion experience
 surrendered to God's call of my life into His ministry. The past 40 years of my life has
 been devoted to presenting the Gospel of Christ through personal witnessing and
 pastorial ministry in  local churches.
 My wife, Margaret, and I are committed to serve the Lord through the Word, Prayer,
 Evangelism and Mission work. (Acts 20:27,28) For the past several years, God has
 given us a Passion for Him and a  compassion to minister to children His truth
 that will change a child's heart. It is always a joy to witness a child birthed into 
 God's family.
    Richard Pruitt
    Director of Music Ministry
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 "Serve the Lord with gladness; Come before Him with joyful singing."  Psalm 100:2
 Richard has been in the music ministry for more than twenty years.  He states the following about his
 love for music and worship, "Worship is the expression of love, honor, and devotion to the Lord, and
 music in the primary tool for such expression.  Our goal for each service is that, when the time comes
 for the preaching of the Word of God, our hearts are hungry to receive it with a renewed longing for
 more of Him."  Richard joined the Pope Drive staff in June 2010 and has brought a refreshing spirit of
 genuine worship through the blending of contemporary praise choruses, praise and worship anthems,
 and traditional hymns.  Second only to his devotion to the Lord is Richard's devotion to his family.
 Richard and his wife, Kim, were married in 1986 and have two children, Anna and Joshua.
     Leah Dent
     Financial Secretary
     Email: Church Office
     Leah has been serving as Financial Secretary since 1994.
     She moved to Anderson from Ohio in 1988.  Her love is in
     the field of missions.



    Michael Creamer
    Asst. Multimedia Technician, Sound Technician
   Michael has an Associate Degree in Computer Technology and
   a Bachelor's Degree in Business with a Concentration of Computer
   Systems.  Michael has worked with sound equipment since 1994. 
He has played around withthe piano, guitar and drums when he was younger.  Michael is currently
employed by a local industry in the IT department.
    Les Murrell
    Webmaster for www.popedrive.com
    Multimedia Technician, Sound Technician
  Les studied computer programming in college.  Besides having a
  background in computers, he also has a musical background,
  learning to play the piano, by ear, at age 3.  At age 8, he taught
  himself the drums.  At age 14, Les joined a local band as their
drummer for three years.  He has assisted his brother, Steve, with mini-broadway productions,
both as a musician and in lighting and sound.  Because of his family, Les was exposed to a wide-
range of music genre.  "I can listen to Big Band, Broadway, Top 40, Country, Christian, and more."
He also loves theater organ.  "I was amazed at how one person could sound like an orchestra!"  Les
puts himself in his brother's shoes when it comes to being involved in a production.  He says "My brother
rubbed off on me.  It did not matter what resources he had or did not have, he figured out
ways to get done what he wanted to do and would pull off some amazing feats.  I carry that with
me, even if it just involves one small area of running a show.
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