Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Reaching the lost at any cost!
    Take A Stand!
 This nation was built on a foundation with God at the center.
 However, over the years there has been
a tremendous erosion
 of this foundation. You hear a lot about violence in schools,
 prayer being removed
from schools, separation of Church and
 State, protest marches, and I could go on and on.
 What is rarely heard is the voice of Christians standing up for
 what is right and what they believe in. With that in mind, this
 page was developed to provide easy means for one to voice their
 opinion on various topics. Topics that range from those already 
 mentioned, to the quality of TV shows or movies, comments to
 news programs (local or national), writing your representative or
 senator (state or national), and much, much more.
You can help others "Take A Stand" by emailing this page to others.  Simply click on the "envelope" located on
the left side of this page.
Some links have been provided below to help make it easier to respond or comment about a topic. If you have
links that would be helpful in taking a stand, please email me with those links.

In God We Trust,

View activity from the Senate
Find your State Lesgislator using
your 9-digit zip code.
Email Mayor of Anderson
City Directory for Anderson

ABC - E-mail regarding ABC's Primetime and Daytime shows, as well as our Movies and Specials,
          can be sent directly to
ABC Audience Relations Dept.

          > ABC local affiliate:  WLOS Channel 13 

CBS - Email CBS
          > CBS local affiliate:  WSPA Channel 7
NBC - Email NBC. You can select a show or "Other".
          > NBC local affiliate:  WYFF Channel 4
Anderson Independent Mail  Click STAFF and choose person to contact.
The Greenville News  Click here to send comment to this newspaper.

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