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Journey to the Cross:

Part One

Tomorrow starts our week of remembering the details leading up to the cross. Here, you'll find information about activities, Bible verses, and helps for you to guide your children, grandchildren, or other kids in your life through the most important week in the history of time.

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Craft List:

Weekly craft needs

--glue, white craft glue (or hot glue if you help them

—1 piece of poster board per family or for each child

—green paper or artificial greenery

—a few coins

—brown paper

—white paper

—tea bag

—cotton ball

—two finger length sticks for each child


—small bag

—30 pieces of money

—unleavened (pita bread)

—grape juice

—bowl and towel

—pipe cleaners or thorny branches (possibly from rose bushes)

—a place where it’s dark

—crescent rolls


—cinnamon sugar

SL Cross.jpg

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