Prayer Ministry

"For we do not present our pleas before you because of our righteousness, but because of your great mercy." Daniel 9:18

Believing that prayer is a command from God - 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Believing that if we ask according to His will, He hears us - 1 John 5:14

Believing that, because of Christ's sacrifice, we can approach Him boldly - Hebrews 4:14-16

Believing that prayer is a spiritual discipline taught in Scripture and demonstrated by many godly men and women (i.e. Jesus, Paul, Daniel, Elijah)

Believing that it centers our hearts on the sufficiency of God alone - 2 Chronicles 20:12

Believing that we have a Great High Priest who always intercedes for us - Hebrews 7:25

Believing that the Spirit intercedes for us - Romans 8:26-27

Because we believe...we pray.

Praying Hands

Prayer Ministry

We invite you to join us in prayer for our weekly prayer focus areas. We choose a verse, a praise and/or thanks focus, a missions emphasis, a request for the church, and a prayer for our nation.

We also partner in prayer walks, and are seeking additional members who will commit to praying through the services or specific areas of ministry.